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Winston commercials

Published 1960

Compilation of Winston cigarette commercials.

Audio/Visual sound, color


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Reviewer: guyburns - - September 6, 2013
Subject: Winstons taste good, like a cigarette should
Five ads (three in colour, two B&W) in three minutes of run time. The colour ads are uninteresting.

1. Lifeless animated sequence.

2. Singing quintet in a studio fronted by a woman in yellow: “It’s not how long you make it, it’s how you make it long”. Both the idea and implementation are dull.

3. As per (2), but set in San Francisco.

4. Set in a carpenter’s workshop with a touch of humour and an explanatory voice over: “It’s fun to smoke Winstons”.

5. Animated, with the “Winstons taste good like a cigarette should” jingle. The jingle has a delightful interlude: “Winstons give you real flavour” in the style of the Andrew sisters.

Worth downloading just to hear the delightful interlude of (5). Reasonable quality video and audio, but the video lags the audio by one second.